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Formats for restaurants, front office, F&B, banquets, housekeeping and inventory control. Sample templates include detailed cost calculators, P&L formats and dashboards, ROI calculators and monthly reporting formats that can be used to maximize profits and optimize operations ...

Housekeeping room status report

Housekeeping room status report, also called as Housekeeping Discrepancy Report, is filled by the room attendants and indicates whether the room is vacant, occupied, out of order, sleep out, not clean etc.

Section Book Room Attendants logbook

A Section Book is a guide for the Housekeeping Assistant during the course of the shift which serves as a record of the day’s activities and as a reminder of pending tasks from the previous day.


Lost and found log

Lost and found log is maintained at the housekeeping to keep a log of all the items that were found and the record of their disposals.


Laundry slip format

Laundry slip format used in the rooms.


Housekeeping training needs evaluation

How well are your current employees performing? Use this form to observe and rate their work.


Morning shift assignment sheet

Assignment sheet to allocate rooms to the room attendants.


Master HK inventory control chart.pdf

Master HK inventory control chart can be used to determine the variance between running inventory and physical inventory and the reordering levels.


Sample control form for issuing guest supplies

Requisition form used by the housekeeping supervisor for issuing guest room supplies from the pantry.


Comparison of Par Stock & Actual Usage of Guest Room Amenities

Format used to determine difference between par stock and actual usage of guest room amenities for any given month.


Supplies & Equipment Inventory Calculation Sheet

MS Excel spreadsheet to determine units of housekeeping supplies and equipment in stock in order to maintain par stock levels.


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